Anatomy of an Epicurean Solitude: VI Ulysses

We are the gatherers of fate collecting the leeches of life and the unpredictability of the motionless emoticons of masked fertilities shuffling on the beaches of lucid dreams of nocturnal glory. I want to sing, I want to dance, and I want to cry aloud like a mad man. 

Give me the wine, I shall dance the world around the undependability of human consciousness. Show me the path in to the darkness of hell, I shall light the gates and infect her with the glories of mirth, sap her breast to fill the chalice of carnal savages. Drink her to the less from the chalice of life; and the sweetness perfectly mixed with the sourness of life rejuvenates the impeccable tastes of my life. Life, I suck you to the less; love, I drink you to the bottom. Love, the pious debouch of life, I’m captive in the incapability of unloving thee. I’m drowning slurping the sap of my love for her. I see men there! They are of incredible capacities of life and determination. They are the reflections of my life! They are me, of stupendous incarnations of life! I live.

I’m Nature, she’s my Art. You can never understand me. Please, don’t try to understand me, for it will consume your time and age. You will become the worn out, dried skeletons of trees of wilderness; you will be suffocated with the thickness of thought and will be lost on the roads leading you to the floating operas of life.

Ah! My unknown solicitors, she will walk in to the monuments of men and the memories of dead. Before the glory of skies fall into the paradoxes of gravity, no light produces shadows, and no heat produces cold, I have to meet my ends and the ends.
"What is so staggering about Ulysses is the fact that behind a thousand veils nothing lies hidden; that it turns neither toward the mind nor toward the world, but, as cold as the moon looking on from cosmic space, allows the drama of growth, being, and decay to pursue its course."
—Carl Jung


  1. Thanks to you I have actually found a blog I've long been looking for. The 1st draft of the novel I am currently looking for. :) Thank you for your beautiful words

  2. thank you matthew! thank you so much for sharing it in your blog too, I'm honored. well, what novel are you writing? keep in touch.

  3. well, I was just reviewing my posts. i find this post absolutely wonderful. each time i read my writing (especially this one) i feel great! I personally like this post. it is one of my bests

  4. brilliant, i love your writing... please write again


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